Croosing is re-inventing the hyperlink, giving it superpowers and making it a superlink – the first technology that supports autonomous browsing.
the superlink technology (patent pending) has an impact on all aspects of the digital sphere: from tutorials, auto-guidance and self-service, to e-commerce, content sharing, ed-tech, digital gov., accessibility and more, creating better experience for the users and leading to better results for businesses.

whatever you imagined to achieve with a link – with a superlink you can go
above and beyond:

lead to multiple webpages through a single link

perform various actions on those webpages

communicate with your followers after they've clicked your link

control the audience your way

create a different story from existing content

soundtrack the web

brand your links

guide your followers as if you are sitting next to them

just install Croosing and start using superlinks!

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