wtf is ​superlink by​ Croosing?!

what is it about?

the link, the cornerstone of web browsing, has not evolved since 1991. so, actually, you are browsing like your old folks…

we believe it’s time to take browsing forward by re-inventing the link, giving it superpowers and making it a superlink.

what is superlink?

whatever you imagined to achieve with a link – with a superlink you can.

lead to multiple webpages through a single link? you can.

take actions on the targeted webpages? you can.

add your personal touch to any page on the web? you can.

control the audience your way? you can.

create a different story from existing content? you can.

soundtrack the web? you can.

brand your links? you can.

guide your followers as if you are sitting next to them? you can.

charge your smartphone to full in 5 sec.? well, you can't…

yet, you can share, post, promote, send, distribute or search the superlink just like any legacy link.

what is it good for?

creating superlinks is a great way to achieve more from every link you share - and lead your audience your way! you can use it to entertain, promote, teach, inform and far more. the sky’s the limit.

how come the browser is browsing by itself?

that’s the magic of the superlink! Whoever clicks your superlink can sit back and passively enjoy the web – or pause and engage with content any step of the way.

how does it work?

enhance google chrome, apple safari or any chromium based browser with Croosing’s extension by clicking here – and give it superpowers!

what does “beta” mean?

the superlink tech is in its early testing phase. we’re still ironing out some kinks and your feedback is very important to us. please leave any thoughts or suggestions on how we can improve here. you may just see your idea implemented in our next version update!

btw, feel free to spread the word… we’ll love you forever for doing so!

is it safe?

our team of moderators is on standby to ensure that all superlinks adhere to our terms of use.

we will not collect any personally identified information unless you willingly provide it. your information will be secured with us and we will not share or sell it to other parties.

please check out our privacy policy for more information, or drop us a line if you have any questions or concerns!

how do i create a new superlink?

it's easy as 1-2-3:

  1. click the "create superlink" button on the top of the screen.
  2. name your superlink, give it a short description and upload a cover picture (optional) and click go!
  3. enter the URL address of any link – and give it superpowers.

after you've given your link superpowers, you can edit, delete and share your creation.

what about private content?

your privacy is paramount. just as you would when recording a video or screencast, it’s important that you use common sense and don’t enter anything personal or sensitive while creating superlinks.

as a safeguard, the superlink can only contain public content.

can i edit or delete a superlink that i’ve created?

absolutely! click "my superlinks" and select the superlink you want to edit or delete.